Annual High Performance Networking Event – “Healthy Homes”

Wednesday  14 June   5:00pm  at VEIC  (map)

Vermont Solar Fest!
21-23, July
Music, Games, Food, Renewable Energy …WAAAAY too much to list here.

Zero Net Energy Brown Bag Conversation 

This talk will provide a comprehensive overview of the world of ZNE–common feature of ZNE buildings, the facilitating technologies, where ZNE is headed, the barriers we face, and ways to pave the pathways to our ultimate goal: zero-carbon communities.

Tuesday, January 31, 12pm-1:00pm

UVM Livak Ballroom, Davis Center, 4th Floor

More info here!


VEIC Summer Internships!

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) offers a summer internship program with a diverse suite of opportunities in finance, HR, data analytics, marketing, engineering, graphic design, business and IT. 

Apply here