Contractor: Ironwood Brand (Eli Gould) Energy Consultant: Marc Rosenbaum Visit Norwich Passive House to learn more about this residence right column

Architect: Pill-Maharam Architects Builder: Travis Cutler, Donald Blake, Jr., Inc. Energy Consultant: Peter Schneider, Efficiency Vermont To learn more about this Stowe, VT Passive House

General Contractor: Estes and Gallup Architect: Zero Energy Design Consulting Architect: Paul Bilgen Read The Secrets of A Passive House in the NYT here    

CPHC: Indigo Ruth-Davis, Montpelier Construction
Builder: Chris Miksic, Montpelier Construction
Designer: Greg Whitchurch, owner
Roof Envelope: Bill Root, GWR Engineering
Curtain Wall: Chris Temple, DeWolfe Engineering

Developer and Builder: Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity and Preferred Building Systems Architect: J.B. Clancy of Albert, Righter and Tittmann Energy Consultant: Peter Schneider of Efficiency Vermont